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S.O.S. Home Sale has helped home sellers in many different situations. 
See if any of these feel familiar to you.

Clients: Clients

Sell My Inherited House

When you inherit a home that you don’t want to keep, deciding how to sell can be a challenge. Most inherited homes come with furnishings and personal property, which can be time-consuming to remove. It is common for these homes to need updates and repairs before selling. Many inherited homes must go through the probate process before selling. Often, these decisions are made while the inheritors are working through the emotional loss of a loved one. 

S.O.S. Home Sale will make a cash offer to purchase the home as-is and help you through the probate process, if needed. You can remove the items in the home that are special to you and we can take care of what’s left, if you like. You won’t have to worry about inspections, appraisals, or repairs. We will close on the date of your choice. 

If the cash offer we make isn’t right for your situation, we partner with a full-service real estate team who can walk you through every step of the process of selling the home, including referrals to vendors to help with any of your needs. Whether you accept our easy cash offer or you choose to list and sell your home, we will be with you until closing day. 


Sell My House As-Is

We have worked with many home sellers who want to sell their home without having to make the necessary updates and repairs to list it on the traditional market. They are looking for easy. They don’t have the time, money, or patience to figure out what repairs and updates must be made to get the house ready to photograph, show to buyers, pass inspections, and sell. They don’t want to find, hire, and pay trusted contractors to do the work. Selling quickly and easily is the priority, and that is our specialty.

S.O.S. Home Sale is a home renovation company. Our focus is to make improvements to homes to make them an attractive addition to the community and a great place to live for new owners. Some home buying companies make a cash offer on a home with no intention to rehab it. Instead, they will sell it to another home investor, which is called wholesaling, and this transfer of property might be repeated a number of times on the same home before it is owned by someone who intends to renovate it. That is not the business model of S.O.S. Home Sale.

The primary owner of our company is an experienced contractor with a team of talented craftsmen who focus solely on home renovation. He has been rehabbing homes for years and comes from a family of contractors with deep roots in our community. He has an eye for rejuvenating homes and using his vision to reveal the beauty in a home. He understands what today’s buyers want in a home and has the skill to create that in an efficient and affordable way. 

2045 Tahoe Dr, Florissant, MO

Christine's Story

“We didn’t want the hassle of fixing the house up for having it on the market. We have a blind cat and didn’t want strangers coming through the house. Also the advantage of having extra time and no stress with a time constraint to move out worked out perfectly with finding a new place and being able to clean/update that new place before moving in. We couldn’t have been happier with our experience!” - Christine McCormack

That’s exactly what Christine was hoping for when she called S.O.S. Home Sale about her home in Florissant.  She wanted a quick and hassle-free sale of her home, and she didn’t want to make any updates or repairs that a typical buyer might demand.  She was concerned about passing the municipal inspection for the City of Florissant and having to spend money on repairs to satisfy their occupancy rules. 

Christine also needed some additional time to move to her new home.  Her ideal scenario would be to close on the sale of her current home, use the money from that sale to use to purchase her next home, and be given an extra few weeks to pack and move. That timing was just fine with S.O.S. Home Sale. 

Chad met Christine at her home on Tahoe Drive in April and made her an as-is offer to sell without doing anything except move out her possessions.  We closed on the sale a couple of weeks later and gave Christine the extended time she needed to move.   After she was all done, our rehab crew went to work!

After completely repainting the interior of the home, adding all new flooring, new kitchen cabinets, granite counters, new appliances, and more, a new buyer purchased the home in the summer and began making their own memories in it.

2045 Tahoe Dr, Florissant, MO

Sell My Rental Property

At a certain point, many landlords grow tired of owning rental property. The work of finding great tenants, collecting rent, and managing upkeep and repairs can be difficult and time-consuming when all goes well. Add in delinquency in rent payments, eviction processes, home damage, and more, and it can become a major headache.

Selling your rental property to S.O.S. Home Sale means you can stop spending time and money on a home you no longer want to own, and instead invest in the things that bring you joy.  Once the title work is completed, you hand us the keys, you walk away with the money, and leave behind the cares and concerns that came with the house.

For landlords that own multiple homes and wish to sell more than one, or perhaps all of them, S.O. S. Home Sale will help you find a solution that makes the most sense to you, whether that is selling all of the homes in one package transaction, or selling each home individually in whatever method is the right one for that particular home and circumstance.  Our goal is to make it easy for you.


Anna's Story

"Chad was extremely helpful throughout the process. I live out of state, and Chad was able to contact the tenants and establish a good relationship with them. This helped me to coordinate with them to ease their concerns and get and keep a swift timeline for the sale of the property. The tenants also spoke highly of Chad. I have another house in the St Charles area, and will work with Chad when we are ready to sell it as well. He is always responsive and communicative and I have found him to be quite honest in our dealings."

- Anna Mitchell

Anna called S.O.S. Home Sale about her St Charles rental home. Anna lives out of state and used a property management company to take care of her properties.  The tenants had been struggling with issues with the property manager, and decided it was time to move. Anna decided this was a great time to sell and spend her time doing things she enjoyed more than being a landlord.

Chad met the tenants at the house on Towers Rd and made Anna an as-is offer to sell.  Anna wouldn't have to do anything...just hand over the keys at closing. He also offered to serve as a negotiator between her and the tenants to help them move. Chad was able to facilitate communication between all parties to assure a timely move and sale.  All parties were happy with the quick and easy outcome.

After the tenants moved out of the home, the S.O.S. Home Sale rehab crew got busy taming the majorly overgrown landscaping that surrounded the home, repainting the interior, replacing trim and doors, installing new granite counters, new stainless steel appliances, updating the bathroom, and replacing the flooring, among many other things. An excited new buyer moved into the beautifully finished home in time to celebrate their first winter holidays.


Avoiding Foreclosre

Life happens…and sometimes it brings difficulty. For a homeowner who has been faithfully paying their mortgage for years, job loss or health issues can create challenges to continue to make those payments.  While mortgage companies are often able to provide some flexibility to allow the homeowner time to catch up and get back on their feet, there is a limit to how much grace they are willing to give.  If a homeowner isn’t careful, they can risk foreclosure and lose all of the equity they have built up in their home. 

S.O.S. Home Sale will make an offer to purchase the home as quickly as the homeowner would like…even less than 2 weeks.  If the homeowner owes less to the mortgage company than S.O.S. offers, the homeowner is able to pay off the mortgage, relieving the stress of having that monthly payment, and use the balance to move to their next home, perhaps something more affordable for their current situation. 

If the S.O.S. Home Sale offer is less than the amount owed on the home, we will work to negotiate with the lender to see if they will allow a Short Sale on the home.

In either scenario, the home owner is able to move without the worry of investing money that might not be readily available into repairing and updating the home to sell on the retail market.  Instead, that money can be saved and used for the move, on their next home, or to pay off other bills. 

The key is calling S.O.S. Home Sale early before the foreclosure process begins.  Having those conversations right away can save the home owner from losing all of the money they have invested in their home and can protect their credit rating.  


Selling Mom and Dad's House

When it is time for a homeowner to live an easier lifestyle without the worries of home maintenance and upkeep, S.O.S. Home Sale is here to help. Moving yourself or a loved one out of a home they have enjoyed for decades can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Downsizing possessions to accommodate a smaller new home is a lot of work. The priority is making your loved one comfortable in their new home rather than spending your limited time updating, repairing, and selling the home. 

When S.O.S. Home Sale purchases your home, all you have to do is pack up the items you want to keep and get settled into your new home. It’s that easy! We can help coordinate an estate sale to sell items that are no longer needed and organize donations for the rest. We will purchase your home without any inspections, appraisals or repairs and make a cash offer to close on your timeline…as quickly as you need or with more time for your convenience.

As with every stage of life, making decisions to prioritize your time is important. If you want to maximize the return on your home sale and you don’t mind doing some work to make it ready to market and sell, our full-service real estate team will guide you through the process, recommending trusted vendors to help you with your projects. These experienced professionals will offer advice on what projects are necessary to complete and what projects are of lower priority so you spend your time and money wisely.

If selling quickly and easily with no hassles and drains on your time sounds more appealing, let S.O.S. Home Sale make a no-obligation to offer to purchase as-is for you to consider. After you weigh your options, we will help you get to the closing table in whatever fashion is best for you. 

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