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  • Is S.O.S. Home Sale a franchise?
    S.O.S. Home Sale is not a franchise. We are a local small business owned by people who live and work in St Charles County. We only buy homes in the St Louis, Missouri area.
  • How do you decide what offer to make for a house?
    Every house is evaluated based on location and condition. We start by determining the after repair value (ARV) of a home, or what it is worth in excellent condition compared to similar homes in the area. Then we calculate the cost of the repairs and updates that need to be completed to make it ready to sell. Our goal is to make an offer that is fair for everyone. There is no obligation to accept our offer and no one will try to pressure you. Our offer is simply something for you to consider, and if it works for your situation, we will work tirelessly to make the process smooth and easy for you.
  • What if the offer amount won’t work for me?
    Because S.O.S. Home Sale is affiliated with a full-service real estate team, if you are not interested in accepting our as-is cash offer, they can help you list your home for sale to another buyer. They have every resource available to help you prepare the home, including staging advice, so you can prepare your home for photography and showings. If you choose to tackle the repairs and updates yourself, they have professionals to recommend to help get the work done. No matter which path you choose…an as-is sale or listing and selling your home…our goal is to help you close on a successful sale within a timeline that works for you.
  • How does the process work?
    Start by calling 636-229-7515 or filling out the Get Started Now form on this website. You will speak with Heather, who will gather information about your house and situation. She will make arrangements for Chad to visit your home at your convenience. Chad will make an offer to purchase for your consideration. If you accept, we will close on the sale on your timeline…as quickly as 7 days or later if you want more time. We will close at a local title company. Once you accept the offer, you won’t have to worry about any hiccups along the way. As long as the title on the home is clear, there are no contingencies…no inspections, no appraisals, no financing concerns. You choose the closing date…that’s about it!
  • Are there any commissions or fees associated with the offer?
    No. Unlike selling a home on the market, there are no commissions paid to anyone with our as-is offer. We charge no fees for our services.
  • Will I have to make any repairs or pass any inspections if I accept the offer?
    Because we make a cash offer to buy your home, we are not using a bank or other lender for the financing, which means we don’t have to complete any inspections. Our offer is as-is, so you don’t have to make any updates or repairs regardless of condition. That is why selling a home to S.O.S. Home Sale is so easy and can be done so quickly, if that is your preference.
  • What if my house is full of stuff? Do I have to clean it out?
    You can choose to remove the items that you want to keep and leave the rest, if you like. We are happy to donate items to local charities, when possible, and clear out whatever is left. We are often asked if people need to clean up before Chad visits the house. The answer is no. As long as Chad can access all areas of the house, it doesn’t matter what’s in it. We have purchased “hoarder houses” filled with personal items, and it doesn’t impact our offer.
  • What if my house has some serious issues?
    Our experienced construction crew is talented at all areas of home repair, so we aren’t discouraged by big ticket items. If your roof leaks, we will still buy it. If you have foundation issues or water leaking in the basement, we will still buy it. If appliances and heating/cooling systems don’t work, we will still buy it. If the house needs electrical, plumbing, or sewer repairs, we will still buy it. We buy houses in any condition. Since we are buying with cash, you don’t have to worry about inspection issues or code violations.
  • In what areas does S.O.S. Home Sale work?
    We specialize in buying single family residential property in the St Louis Metro area, including St Charles County, St Louis County, Warren County, and Lincoln County. We will also purchase duplexes, condos, townhomes, and other multi-family properties.
  • What types of people sell homes to S.O.S. Home Sale?
    - Seniors transitioning to a senior care community - Children who inherit a home from a parent - Landlords tired of owning rental property - People who are avoiding foreclosure - People who are working through bankruptcy - People going through divorce - People moving out of state for work - People purchasing (or building) a new home who don’t want a double move - People wanting out from a home that needs too much work - People wanting a quick and easy sale with no hassles
  • Is it risky to sell my home without a real estate agent representing me?
    Selling your home as-is to S.O.S. Home Sale is so easy. Because there are no inspections to negotiate, no appraisals to overcome, and no financing contingencies, once you accept our offer, the only thing we are waiting on to close is the title work. As soon as the title company has a clear title on the home, we can close on any day that work best for you…on your timeline. In fact, closing without using an agent saves you money. The typical real estate commission is 6%, with part of that going to the agent representing you and part going to the agent representing the buyer. S.O.S. Home Sale doesn’t use a buyer’s agent to purchase your home, so there are no commissions to pay for our purchase. If you are already represented by an agent, we can work their commission into our offer so it is included in the sale.
  • Can I sell my home to you if I am in foreclosure?
    S.O.S. Home Sale will make an offer to present to your lender to stop the foreclosure process, which may help you save equity you have built into the home and the damage to your credit rating. Time is essential in this case, as lenders move quickly in foreclosure situations. The important thing to do is call us as soon as possible so we can purchase your home before the process has gone too far to stop. If debt is overwhelming you, selling your house to us can free up funds to settle accounts with other creditors and allow you to move on to a lifestyle that is more affordable with less stress.
  • In which cities does S.O.S. Home Sale buy properties?
    St Charles County Cottleville Dardenne Prairie Defiance Foristell Lake St Louis New Melle O’Fallon Saint Charles Saint Peters Weldon Spring Wentzville St Louis County Ballwin Chesterfield Wildwood Creve Coeur Des Peres Grover Maryland Heights Florissant Hazelwood Bridgeton Warren County Warrenton Foristell Lincoln County Troy Moscow Mills
  • In which zip codes does S.O.S. Home Sale buy properties?
    St Charles County 63301 63303 63304 63341 63348 63366 63367 63368 63376 63385 St Louis County 63005 63011 63017 63021 63031 63033 63034 63038 63040 63042 63043 63044 63131 63132 63141 63146 Warren County 63383 63348 63390 Lincoln County 63362 63379
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